In general, the art distinguished by penserapannya senses the art of audio, visual arts, and audio-visual arts.

Audio art is art that are absorbed through the sense of hearing. For example: the art of music or voice, radio drama, poetry on the radio and others.

Visual arts is an art that is absorbed through the sense of sight. Commonly known as art.
Audio-visual art is an art that is at once absorbed by the sense of hearing with the sense of sight. For example: dance, drama / theater, films and others.

Besides, there is no other art that is not focused on the type of penserapannya senses the art of literature. Included in the literary arts is the art of prose such as romance, novels, short stories, and others. And art in the form of poetry as poetry, rhymes, couplets and poems in another free form. The general characteristics of the prose is a description of a state or imagination in detail. While the general characteristics of poetry is the expression of the core or essential of an aesthetic experience or imagination.

To know more about about the limitations of each of these arts, can put forward some general introduction of a variety of art in question include the following:

Music Art
Art Drama / Theater
Literary art.

1. Arts

Fine art is a manifestation of man's work contains elements of beauty. Its beauty is absorbed by the sense of sight such as: painting, sculpture, sculpture, graphic art, environmental art (environmental art), installation art, performance art (performing art), art events (happening art) and so on. Pleasure caused by the integration of elements of the form of the work is such a variety of colors, alternating lines, various forms of field-field, similarity of the shape of objects which he describes his paintings, thematic aspects are expressed, uniqueness, texture, etc. , Meanwhile, in the sense of simple beauty is something that gives pleasure selfless in people who see it. The pleasure of it emerged immediately as the beauty of the work itself, not because there are other interests that made him feel happy.

2. Art Music

Art music or sound art is art that are absorbed through the sense of hearing. The series of audible sound that can give pleasure and satisfaction to those who hear it because of the harmony of the composition of the circuit scales these sounds.

Broadly speaking there are two types of music ie vocal music and instrumental music. Vocal music is music that simply relying on the human voice only, while the instrumental music is music that is derived from playing musical instruments.

3. Dance

Dance is an art that is absorbed through the sense of sight. But the specificity is the beauty that is enjoyed on the movements of the body, especially the movement of the feet and hands, with a regular rhythm, usually to the music. The art of dance is inseparable from the art because the motions are shown absorbed by the sense of sight.

4. Art Drama / Theater

The art of drama / theater is the art or play that role generally played on the stage. This art enjoyed simultaneously with the sense of sight and sense of hearing. In other words the art of drama is also called the art of theater (stage). In general, an image of a worldly event or imagination presented again on stage. The beauty of the art of drama lies in the accuracy of the storyline is played by the players on the stage.

Saini KM theater events in his book (1996), wrote the art of theater is the art world threshold, the threshold for sensory turned to that of everyday experience and turned also to the world value.

5. Literary Arts

Literary arts is the art expressed through the arrangement of a series of both oral and written language that could give rise to a sense of fun selflessly for those who read it. Broadly speaking, the literary arts can be grouped into two broad categories, namely prose and poetry. Prose is a literary art that tried to describe the situation, the desire, or imagination in detail. While poetry is an art that tends to simplify the description of the capture of the issue to be disclosed.

Citing the opinion of Alexander Smith (1835: 366), Sutrisno (1999: 132) in his book Grid Aesthetics wrote: principal difference between prose and poetry. Prose is the language of the mind of the artist, while poetry is the language of feelings. In prose artists communicate an understanding of the things of sense or thought, whereas in poetry the artist reveals how these things hit, touching us. Included into the category of prose are literary works in the form of novels, serialized stories, short stories, essays that express criticism and cultural ideas. While included in the category of poetry is poetry, poetry, and other poems in various forms.

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