Music, language and dance-Three means of Expressing Emotions

Musicians must deal primarily with emotion. This is too many musicians to be a realist. These are some of the opinions shared by Henri Delacroix, author of "The Psychology of Art".
Debussy is said to be precisely hit the landscape while walking across the landscape. She used to change nature into harmony of sounds and emotions. Probably more often than in other arts, in music landscape is actually a certain feeling. In this regard, we can mention what George Sand used to say about Chopin's genius, that is filled with a mysterious natural harmony, translated into the minds of his music by the equivalent of sublime and not devote themselves sound rendering by the exterior.

On the island of Majorca, because he was waiting for George Sand and her children have been caught in a terrible storm, he improvises opener. He imagines himself lying on a frozen lake. Big, heavy rain and cold will fall rhythmically on her chest. When he was told that the scene is reflected in fact caused by the sound of real life, that rain water falling on the monastery, Chopin said tiling is not like that at all. However, Chopin's compositions inspired by that night it resounds of rain water fell on the tile, but they got translated into Chopin's imagination and songs with tears falling from the sky to his heart.

As far as the bird is concerned, songs mimic this sound could have a pragmatic explanation. The Hunter mimics the sound of birds for obvious reasons mostly, even animals such as cats can imitate the sound of birds to capture prey more easily. The sound of birds calling actually are imitated. But this action mimics the sound of birds also can have a magical dimension. So, with the sounds of animals who can request things like heat or rain. This imitation can also be part of the game. Bird song ' only music to the ears of music. Does the music for the birds too? The bird is not capable of transposing sounds. The bird is a kind of chained at the peak of a very sound on its own. The bird is not capable of unifying motive them to melody. They can't build a phrase of music. So the music sound imitations of birds and animals implies interpretation and stylizing.

As far as human speech is concerned, some people say that the human voice can also hide the songs in it. Music can mimic the feeling with the following inflections of language, movement and rhythm of the discourse. All of that must be done is to increase the strength and intensity and dramatizes it for a bit. The primitive songs have a somewhat monotonous character. They relate to speak. We can conclude that during pre-historic times the music is a little overkill though, the very language of passion. This is split vertically and smoothly from the emotions. In other words, a combination of sound has no intrinsic meaning, different and independent from the structure of the human being.

The music was not born out of the language. On the barbaric, primitive people, music is often accompanied by the sound means that is only meant to make vocalizations. Also, Delacroix says, wildly treats the words and sentence structure with an incredible freedom. But the music is very different from spoken language and certainly not derived from it. Music may come out of the dynamic of the whole of life itself, the human mind, and let's say that music really comes from the music itself, such as Henri Delacroix said. This stems from the creation of the melody and harmony of the world of sound.

The music is usually accompanied by dance. Children, or adults who want to return to the primitive simplicity of infantile life, expressing their joy through dance. Thus, a strong and stimulating feelings usually transform into an irregular movement and living, usually the jump, cry, and so on.

But regardless of the type of dance floor, we also find the elation, imitating or the kind of dramatic dance and last but not least, the usual type of dance, the art of dance. However, all three ways of expressing human emotions we are not just unique in itself, but it also created, under certain conditions.

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