Music Genre girlband Blink

Music Genre girlband Blink. Time we will be a little meriview about Blink girlband genre lately very much loved teens have now this.

Blink or Blink Indonesia is a musical group in the form of girl band from Jakarta, Indonesia. This homage to the pop girl band (electro) established in Jakarta, July 23, 2011 with co-chaired a teenage jazz pianist and singer named Alyssa Saufika Umari. Blink then soared to the pinnacle of success after starring in soap operas White Gray in 2012. They started their career by carrying the flow of pop and finally mixed with pop.

Music group consists of four people: Agatha Pricilla (Pricilla / Prissy), Alyssa Saufika Umari (Ify), Febby Rastanty (Febby), Sivia Azizah (Sivia / Via) that concept but the girl band that distinguishes all members can play an instrument acoustic. Besides, they also have a different character and distinctive sound. [Citation needed] The club is a fan of Blink BlinkStar.

Originally consisting of five personnel Blink. One of the personnel Ashilla Zahrantiara (Shilla), decided to leave Blink for a solo career and also prefer to focus on career education.

At the start of its formation, Blink homage to pop. Even to Dag Dig Dug release was still carrying flow. However, after Blink in the project White Grey felt the flow was not sufficient to raise the subject. Then there was a re-arrangement of the Dag Dig Dug or Dig Dug called Dag remix version, which was first played by Flash Mob scene together teachers and students of Paradise High School. It turned out very good public response. Similarly in the About You and One Million feels, just Blink adding more electronic elements. Besides, an acoustic version of the song was also released. This is definitely not a given experiment with the genre of pop success. However, it turns out the acoustic version is also much loved and successful.

More specifically, there is quite a striking difference between the regular version (pop) with an acoustic version. From songs Suppose, for example, adopted a style of piano acoustic version of the ballad-oriented, while the pop version packed lighter. Other examples are accompanied by an acoustic version of Fear guitars feature lightweight but very vocal Sivia, while the regular version is dominated musical elements are more mature. Both songs are easily understood as something of a dark blend with typical teenage innocence, but packed with great touch in terms of music and lyrics that bring nuance to another. Million feels the same way, an acoustic piano version of its encapsulated more melodic.

In the song Love and Love, Blink explores merger featuring melodic vocals and power ballads to the accompaniment of pop (electro) lighter.

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