Massage Magic-Music & Touch

Massage Magic-Music & Touch

What The masseurs!

Have you ever what do masseurs? Ideally, provide a safe, warm and comfortable environment. There are soft, clean linen, warm, fragrant oils, music in the background, their knowledge about how the body works, warm hands and frankly dire touch you to release those tired muscles and stress.

Why do we need a massage?

It's hard to imagine the staggering scope of what I just live from day to day can do for our health and well-being, if we trained a reactive adoption of be in stress. We were raised to deal with negative stressful in many ways, but our first inclination to respond. Research shows that the negative health effects of stress can be caused by what was named Outstanding emotionally reactive stress syndrome (AERSS). This means that the more emotionally negative problems that we encounter and respond too, the more I keep and accumulate stress in our physiology. Stress has been linked to the growing number of diseases. Attached to all the negative events remains a direct connection with the emotions, which either occurred in the time of the incident or shortly thereafter. Every emotional event may represent gives us the opportunity to choose how we perceive this event. When we respond we start our walk along the road to being stressed. Stress, we can post various indications that we're under stress, such as anger, frustration and increased anxiety, physical discomfort, higher blood pressure, shallow breathing or speaking, depression, insomnia, and much more. It is important to keep in mind is that our company was raised in an environment that shelled us with things that have negative taste, odours, images, sounds, music, violence, corruption, and reports, etc. All of these touch us emotionally and place our physiology to sympathetic nervous reactive state. Our fight and flight responses to release stress hormones and the body goes into defensive positions. The blood goes to the limbs and muscles flexing, and as long as we keep the emotions connected to it, what started the stress, our muscles remain strained and our immune system's ability to begin to decline. We could choose to do things that we normally did, as do attempts to hide or run away from the causes of our stress. On the other hand, we could choose to do things that lead to a happier outcome, such as listening to music, uplifting, accept the situation as an opportunity to learn and even receive regular massages. According to the internationally recognized trauma rehabilitation therapist, David Bercili, "the body is a living organism designed to resolve the tragic life experiences". What if we have embraced the cause of our stress as an opportunity to learn and revise our way of dealing with him?

Can Massage help?

Research of a large number of sources compiled in the last 50 years shows that receiving massage regularly may help to release stress symptoms physically retained. There are many styles or application techniques of massage. Some, such as sports massage, are specially designed to address the physical trauma. Others provide very spiritual results and some of them are very emotional relaxation. It is important to keep in mind is that from birth until death, we are all eager to touch. Sincere and unconditionally, just touch supports and strengthens our overall sense of well-being. This is the return of our body to the natural state in which the Spirit/Mind/Body connection can the healing begin from the inside.

Power of Music

There is a large number of studies, which suggest that music has the power. The music was used as the background for a massage from massage was carried out on the participants of the first Olympic Games. Maybe you wonder why music is used more and more in the medical and mental health communities. The answer is, "because music has a direct impact on our emotional state, our emotional state affects our physical condition. Has the power to initiate changes in the behavior of the model. Can be manipulated, how are we to express our patriotism, love, joy, sadness or anger. It can calm or excite us. Today, most play some relaxing music, masseuses, while giving massage. Many of our Nations hospitals and nursing homes retain the services of certified Music Therapists. Doctors often play music in the operating room during the surgery. Has the power to calm and inspire us at the same time or create a negative effect on our emotions. Research has shown that music/Sounds to express fear, anger, violence, and deep sadness of our stress, affect negatively our ability to learn and then our sense of health and well-being are experiencing a decline. On the opposite side of the spectrum, music, nice to meet you, joyous and zdvihům has the opposite effect. This brings us to the issue. It's vibrating properties in the music, that works with our emotional vibrations, which gives us the opportunity to experience some level of emotional healing, which will facilitate improvements in our overall health and well-being?

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