Dopamine in Human Relations with substance Listening to Music

Dopamine in Human Relations with substance Listening to Music?? Anyway, you certainly know the name of music. Moreover, who hooked the band, playing music kerjaannya mulu (like ane). Music is a universal language, which means that with music we can express something to others by using a tone. Not view age, race, sex, as long as they make you happy music ya gonna didengerin too.

There is a study on the relationship of music with effects that can make people happy or peaceful or consoled to hear that.
According to one study, the reasons people like music similar to human reason like sex, drugs, gambling, or food that tastes good. By listening to tones in music, it turns out the human brain will release a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical that is closely related to motivation and addiction. Dopamine caused animals to find food before they are hungry.

According to Wikipedia Mbah, hormone Dopamine is described as follows:
Dopamine (English: dopamine, prolactin-inhibiting factor, prolactin-inhibiting hormone, prolactostatin, PIF, PIH) is one of the chemicals in the brain cells of various animal species of vertebrates and invertebrates, similar neurotransmitters (substances that convey messages from one nerve to nerve etc.) and an intermediate for the biosynthesis of adrenaline and noradrenaline. Dopamine is also a hormone produced by the hypothalamus. Its main function as a hormone is to inhibit the release of prolactin from the pituitary gland.

Excessive dopamine can lead to schizophrenia and if deficiencies can cause Parkinson's disease.
Well, ane not understand deh about hormone problems and medical terms it. Well, this is ane tampilin news about his research:

From the results of research conducted by scientists from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, it was the music of 'Four Season' essay Vivaldi or 'You Enjoy Myself "Phish's creation could make the dopamine flowing.
"This basically explains why music has been around a long time. Intense pleasure that we get from music is biologically stimulate the brain and now it's proven, "said Valorie Salimpoor, neuroscientist at McGill.

This study itself involves eight were given oral music lovers with their favorite music from various genres, ranging from classical, jazz, rock, and pop. After 15 minutes of listening to music, the object of the research is injected with a radioactive element that will bind to dopamine receptors.

Then, with a tool called the PET scanner, scientists can see whether it is an element in the blood or not. When running, the scientists will conclude that indeed the release of dopamine in the brain. "This is the first study showing the dopamine released in response to aesthetic stimuli," said Salimpoor.

In addition, the results of this study indicate that, like sex and drugs, the music was also causing opium.
"Music will be a useful tool to explain all sorts of aspects of pleasure, addiction and maladaptive behavior (adaptation is wrong)," said David Huron, music cognition researchers from Ohio State Uiversity.
Addicted to music? We should not forget the original wrote our duty as human nature to worship yes than drug addiction or alcohol.

What is the relationship between music and health?? at first glance it has nothing to do .. but did you know that music was not only good for the hearing but the music is also useful as a healing therapy, even the medical community began to take it into account. loh?? How?? What do we get from listening to music?? what effect it has on our health? and how music helps in the healing process?? Well to answer it all let us review the scientific definition of music itself first and its implications for the medical world ..

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