History of Pop Music Genre

History of Pop Music Genre. Flow Pop is the name for streams music heard by a wider audience and mostly commercial. Popular music first developed in the United States in 1920 where the recording was first made by Thomas Edison's invention, distinguished by Classical Music, Jazz Music, Traditional Music, Blues Music, and also develop into other countries worldwide.

For instance Pop History In Indonesia

Koes plus career

The group was formed in 1969, as a continuation of the "Koes Brothers". Koes Brothers became a pioneer of pop music and rock 'n roll, and even served time for his music that is supposed to represent the flow of capitalist politics. At the time it was fierce-fierce anti-capitalist movement in Indonesia.

Of the Koes Brothers became Koes Plus

From this was born the Koes Brothers songs that are very popular such as "School Bus", "On the Bui", "Silent lake", "my song Alone" and many more. One member of the Koes Brothers, Nomo Murry Koeswoyo out and replaced as drummer. Although this replacement initially cause problems within the personal one Yok who objected to outsiders. Brothers name so replaced with Plus, it means plus outsiders: Murry.

Actually Koes Brothers songs nicer in terms of harmonization (such as the song "Silent lake", "Goddess Girl" or the "School Bus") than Koes Plus songs. Koes Plus group led by the late Tony Koeswoyo (the eldest member of the family Koeswoyo). Koes Plus and Koes Brothers should be noted as a pioneer of pop music in Indonesia. Hard to imagine the history of pop music without the presence of our brothers Justin and Koes Plus.

The tradition of the song creation itself is a tradition created Koes Brothers. Later this tradition was continued Koes Plus with serial album volume 1, 2 and so on. Once formed, Koes Plus indirect sympathy of Indonesian music lovers. Records his first album had been rejected several record stores.

Center Pop Indonesia

With the demands of a record company producer group-group then the other "contemporary" as Favourites, Panbers, Mercy's, D'Lloyd makes Koes Plus as a "mecca", so the group-group is always imitate what Koes Plus, making an album in pop outside Indonesia, such as Javanese pop pop wither and become another trend of group-group after Koes Plus initiate it. "If this group were born in the UK or the U.S. is not likely to shift the popularity of the Beatles"

In 1972-1976 Indonesia air completely filled by Koes Plus songs. Either the radio or the party always carry a tune Koes Plus. Perhaps no people of Indonesia who was a teenager at the time who did not know Koes Plus. When Koes Plus issued a new album is always eagerly awaited Koes Plus lovers and the general public.

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